Coming in May: Australian Genocide, Big Pharma, School Lunch Health, and Much MoreComing in May: Australian Genocide, Big Pharma, School Lunch Health, and Much More

Coming in May: Australian Genocide, Big Pharma, School Lunch Health, and Much More

As the merry month of May arrives, it's a fine time to view some of the outstanding documentary programs that will soon be released by MagellanTV. There’s something for everyone in our documentaries, and you can find inspiration and entertainment along with life-long learning. Here are some highlights of the films and series that will arrive in May, along with a complete list of our new releases.


Utopia: The Fight for Aboriginal Existence – Coming May 2

Documentarian John Pilger takes a journey from million-dollar properties in Sydney to the ironically named Northern Territory region of Utopia, where communities are without basic services, such as fresh running water. Filmed over the course of two years, this documentary reveals a recurring national silence about the brutalizing and genocide of Australia’s Indigenous people. The situation of the native Australian peoples, particularly in remote communities like Utopia, highlights ongoing disparities.


These communities often face significant challenges, including a lack of basic services such as healthcare and education. Despite legal and policy frameworks aimed at improving Indigenous rights and well-being, effective implementation remains inconsistent. Indigenous Australians continue to experience higher rates of poverty, health issues, and incarceration compared to non-Indigenous populations.


The recognition of land rights, cultural heritage, and self-determination is critical, yet progress is slow, underscoring the need for more robust and culturally sensitive solutions to address these enduring inequalities. In Utopia: How the First Australians Are Being Decimated, you’ll see the challenges the First Peoples of Australia are facing, and how they’re faring.


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Lunch Hour: America's School Lunch Program – Coming May 9

Filmmaker James Costa examines the U.S. National School Lunch Program, which strives to provide children with nutritious meals at school, encourage all-around healthy eating, and educate students and their families on good nutrition. It’s part of a wider campaign to combat childhood obesity and improve health outcomes that includes schools, parents, professionals, politicians, celebrities, and chefs to enhance child health.


Established in 1946, the NSLP aims to provide nutritionally balanced, low-cost or free lunches to children each school day. The program is a cornerstone of American efforts to ensure that students have access to healthy meals during school hours. Its goals are to promote the health and educational readiness of the nation’s children by preventing hunger and improving nutrition, which in turn can enhance focus, energy, and overall academic performance.


The program is a crucial element in the fight against childhood obesity and plays an essential role in improving food security among children from low-income families. Watch Lunch Hour to follow revelatory stories about the successes – and failures – of America’s NSLP.


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Battle Factory: Producing Weapons of War – Coming May 16

Swoop into the hidden world of military and frontline gear factories all over the world, where raw materials become finished products. Follow the meticulous production of Swiss Army knives, rugged cases, assault rifles, parajets, sniper rifles, amphibious armored vehicles, helmets, pistols, cannon, flight simulators, Jaws of Life, and more.


The diversity in military gear today reflects the complexities of modern warfare and the needs of armed forces operating in diverse global environments. Each piece of equipment is crafted to meet exacting specifications and reliability standards, ensuring that military personnel are well-equipped for whatever challenges they face on the front lines.


Get unprecedented access that reveals how these things are made, right before your eyes. The 14 amazing episodes of Battle Factory are bound to sate your appetite for the broad world of munitions and military materiel production.


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Big Pharma: Putting a Price on Health – Coming May 23

The pharmaceutical industry can single-handedly shape government health policies with its vast influence networks. Some companies steer research, funding, and public reimbursements toward their priciest treatments, sometimes at the expense of patients’ health.


The power of Big Pharma is a double-edged sword. It brings significant advancements and global reach, which are essential for developing new treatments and fighting diseases on a large scale. However, this power also raises concerns about drug affordability, ethical conduct, and prioritization of profit over patient care. 


Balancing these factors is crucial for ensuring that the pharmaceutical industry serves the broader interests of public health while maintaining its ability to innovate and expand. Does the pharmaceutical industry’s total financialization of the drug ecosystem jeopardize the longevity of public health? Join in the investigation in the eye-opening documentary Big Pharma.


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Secret Life of the Cruise – Coming May 30

The MSC Seaside, one of the world’s largest cruise ships, exemplifies modern engineering and technology. Equipped with complex systems to ensure passenger safety, efficiency, and comfort, it maintains its superior performance to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for its passengers.


The intricate systems aboard this cruise ship are a testament to advances in marine engineering and technology that are designed to handle the vast array of operational challenges. These include navigation and communication, lifesaving and firefighting equipment, efficient propulsion and power generation, entertainment systems and programming, and much more.


Take a peek behind the scenes to meet the army of people who keep this exceptional ship at the top of its game in all conditions. Secret Life of the Cruise will appeal to anyone who’s ever enjoyed a cruise aboard a passenger liner, or who’s ever wanted to.


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