Coming in March: True Crime, Soviet Death Squads, the Fourth Crusade, and Much MoreComing in March: True Crime, Soviet Death Squads, the Fourth Crusade, and Much More

Coming in March: True Crime, Soviet Death Squads, the Fourth Crusade, and Much More


It’s almost March, and you can feel the seasons changing. The last gasps of brutal weather will soon be behind us, and, depending on your location, either warmer breezes or a brisk cooldown is on the way. Make time for some engaging documentaries from MagellanTV. There’s something for everyone in our documentaries, and you can find inspiration and entertainment along with life-long learning. Here are some highlights of the films that will arrive in March as well as a complete list of our new releases.


Crimes That Shook BritainComing March 7


How can we feel secure against crime? Sometimes, education can be the best prevention. In this sobering six-part series, you’ll be exposed to some of the most horrendous crimes in Britain over the past several decades. Starting with the terrorist attack at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester in 2017, you’ll have a front-row seat to stabbings, poisonings, and all varieties of murder most foul.


Reconstructions, interviews, and archival material are key in this series, offering viewers an in-depth look into notable crimes and their context. Investigators, witnesses, and survivors talk about the cases, the investigations, and their ultimate outcomes, revealing not only how these crimes took place, but why.


Crimes that Shook Britain will have you glued to your seat. Should you reconsider the risks you take in your daily life? How can you be certain you and your family are secure and safe from harm? There’s always more to discover in this chilling series.


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Stalin’s Executioners: The Katyn Massacre – Coming March 14

The Soviet People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs, better known by its Russian acronym NKVD, was the predecessor to the notorious KGB. The Soviet Union’s main security agency from the 1930s until the end of World War II, the NKVD played a pivotal role in enforcing Stalin’s policies, including political suppression and, often, murders and even massacres.


Stalin’s Executioners tells the true story of the 1940 Katyn massacre. This crime, originally attributed to the Nazis, was, in fact, carried out by Stalin’s NKVD. Over 20,000 Polish military officers, intellectuals, and elite citizens were executed in the Katyn forest near Smolensk in western Russia. Eighty years later, through archives and animation, filmmaker Cédric Tourbe tells the story of the Katyn massacre from the points of view of both the victims and the executioners.


This thorough investigation rips through the lies and propaganda that protected the evildoers in the decades following the mass murder. Now, you can follow the facts and learn even more than you already knew about the barbarity of Josef Stalin and his murderous followers.


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The Fourth Crusade – Coming March 21

The 13th century’s Fourth Crusade was initially intended to recapture Jerusalem from Muslim control by first invading Egypt, the heart of Muslim territories, and then proceeding to the ultimate target of Jerusalem. However, the mission took a dramatically different turn, never reaching Egypt or Jerusalem. Instead, it became infamous for its diversion to Constantinople, the capital of the Byzantine Empire, leading to a series of events that culminated in the sack of the city in 1204.


The preceding years had involved significant political and religious tensions within Western Christendom involving Byzantine appeals for assistance. Originally intended to aid the Byzantine Empire, the Fourth Crusade took a notorious turn that ended with the sack of Constantinople, further deepening the rift between the Eastern and Western Christian worlds and significantly weakening the Byzantine Empire.


The five-part documentary series The Fourth Crusade explores the rationales and strategies behind Western Europe’s obsession with controlling the holy lands of the Levant and the many skirmishes and battles that both preceded and followed the three short years of this Crusade. Europe and the Middle East were never the same.


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Trauma Investigators – Coming March 28

Emergency doctors in a major trauma center play a critical role in the initial assessment, stabilization, and treatment of patients who have suffered from severe injuries or are in acute distress due to accidents, violence, or sudden illness.


Now, you can see stories of life and death unfold as an elite team of medical professionals diagnose and treat patients at one of the U.K.’s major trauma centers. Conducting on-the-spot investigations, these specialists use all available clues to make critical, split-second decisions that just might save their patients’ lives. Every case is a new mystery waiting to be solved amid the chaos of rapid response.


Trauma Investigators follows patients suffering from severe injuries due to motor vehicle accidents, falls, violence, burns, poisonings, overdoses, and more. You’ll be in the operating room as doctors work at lightning speed to discover the what and why behind life-threatening emergencies. Mask up!


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