Coming in January: Marilyn, Nurses Who Kill, Changing Seas, and Much MoreComing in January: Marilyn, Nurses Who Kill, Changing Seas, and Much More

Coming in January: Marilyn, Nurses Who Kill, Changing Seas, and Much More


It’s almost January, and here comes the new year! Have you completed your list of 2024 goals yet? Make sure watching more MagellanTV is among them. There’s something for everyone in our documentaries, and you can find inspiration and entertainment along with life-long learning. Here are some highlights of the films that will arrive in January, along with a complete list of our new releases.


Forget Us Not: The 5 Million Non-Jewish Victims – Coming January 4

Join MagellanTV for a sobering, in-depth look at the persecution and subsequent death of the 5 million non-Jewish victims of the Holocaust and the impact of these murders on those who survived. Through stories of survivors and historical footage, these lesser-known voices are brought, against all odds, to irrefutable life.


During the Nazi regime, various ethnic, social, political, and religious groups were targeted for persecution and extermination alongside Jews. Some of the major groups targeted included people of Roma ethnicity; people with physical and mental disabilities; homosexuals; Poles; Soviet civilians and prisoners of war; Slavs; Serbs; political dissidents; Jehovah’s Witnesses; and others.


All of these groups were marked for elimination because they didn’t conform to the Nazi insistence on a racially pure and obedient society. In Forget Us Not, you’ll witness the systematic and brutal actions against these groups that resulted in the deaths of millions during World War II. The Nazis intended them to be silenced forever, but the survivors tell a brutal, harrowing, yet unforgettable story.


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Nurses Who Kill – New Season Coming January 11

We expect nurses and caregivers to look after us and maintain our well-being as a high priority. But what happens when one of these people turns out to be a killer? As distressing as it may be to learn, there exist homicidal medical professionals who prefer to kill rather than to cure.


Interviews with prosecutors, police, victim’s relatives, and colleagues sit alongside carefully considered expert evidence from former doctors, psychoanalysts, retired police detectives, and journalists who were involved in the trials of nurses. In-depth research reveals not only why it is so easy for some nurses or caregivers to kill, but how easy it is for them to cover their tracks.


This series reveals the diabolical intentions and chilling stories of nurses who murdered people in their care. In Nurses Who Kill, you’ll meet such medical murderers as Beverly Allitt, who targeted vulnerable children; Stephan Letter, who ended the lives of dozens of hospital patients; Charles Cullen, who may have killed 400 people; and more. Thank your lucky stars that you haven’t fallen prey to any of these monsters.


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Changing Seas – Coming January 18

Take an eye-opening look at the Earth’s last true frontier, our Changing Seas. You’ll enjoy exciting adventures and a fish-eye view of life in the deep blue. Join scientists as they study the sea’s mysteries, highlighting the unique research being conducted by undersea explorers.


Oceans feed us, regulate our climate, and generate most of the oxygen we breathe. They cover roughly 70 percent of the Earth’s surface and provide 97 percent of the world’s water supply. Yet only five percent of this vast, unfathomably deep wilderness has been explored by humans.


This unprecedented look at what oceanographers and researchers are doing deep underwater uncovers new information that could lead to breakthroughs in areas such as medicine and alternative energy. Even as overfishing, global climate change, and pollution threaten the health of this precious natural resource, scientists are looking for ways to remediate this damage. Come along on a fantastic journey to learn more about oceans and the many benefits they provide to us landlubbers.


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Becoming Marilyn – Coming January 25

On the surface, we know everything about her. A much-coveted actress, this sex symbol adulated by all was a total star whose life and career were perfectly staged, specifically through the eyes of men. But in the 21st century, in a time of cultural reconsideration and of buried voices that can finally speak up, we can begin to understand how Norma Jeane Baker became the icon we all remember as Marilyn Monroe. Beyond the life of glamour and glitz, we can now understand how plain Norma Jeane became Marilyn.


The future Marilyn endured a tumultuous childhood marked by instability. Raised in foster homes and an orphanage, she faced neglect and frequent shifts in living situations. When she was only 16, she married to escape foster care, but that marriage ended quickly. In WWII, Norma Jeane worked in a munitions factory, catching the eye of a photographer. Her modeling career thus launched, she soon began pursuing acting.


In Becoming Marilyn, we learn how Monroe’s childhood experiences of neglect and instability greatly influenced her later life, contributing to personal struggles despite her professional success. Her fame and iconic status were accompanied by crippling inner turmoil, marked by multiple marriages, mental health challenges, and an untimely death in 1962. This tragic tale underscores how women have been manipulated for the pleasure of men – and even wealth and celebrity can’t heal the psychological wounds.


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