Coming in February: Civil War, Daniel Day-Lewis, Big Tech Targets Healthcare, and Much MoreComing in February: Civil War, Daniel Day-Lewis, Big Tech Targets Healthcare, and Much More

Coming in February: Civil War, Daniel Day-Lewis, Big Tech Targets Healthcare, and Much More

Happy Leap Year to everyone! Among the beneficiaries of this quadrennial adjustment to the calendar are MagellanTV subscribers. Why? Because it allows us to fit an extra release date into the shortest month of the year. So, if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere where the days are still short, grab a winter beverage and check out MagellanTV’s new releases. If you’re south of the Equator, then take a look when you get back from a summer’s day at the beach.


Here are some highlights, along with a full schedule of new releases:


Battlefield America – Coming February 1


Embark on an in-depth exploration of six crucially important U.S. Civil War battles and campaigns – Shiloh, Antietam, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, and the Overland Campaign –  in the exclusive world premier of Battlefield America.  Produced with partners Wide Awake Films and the American Battlefield Trust (ABT), this MagellanTV original series covers the context and events surrounding each clash, the key military leaders and soldiers involved, and the battles’ effects on both the course of the war and broad trends in U.S. history.


To aid in bringing the story to life, ABT – an organization that preserves historic battle sites and offers authoritative educational materials concerning the events that unfolded at them – commissioned state-of-the-art animated maps alongside interviews with historians. Contemporary aerial views of the battlefields are featured to reconstruct troop movements and tactics.


Almost 160 years since the guns fell silent, the long-term ramifications of the Civil War continue to echo in the United States. Watch Battlefield America to gain a deeper understanding of this historic calamity.


Also, check out "Civil War: The Untold Story" - Available Now!




Private Violence – Coming February 8


Domestic violence against women is a deeply disturbing reality of American life. In fact, it’s fair to say that the most dangerous place for a woman in the U.S. is all too often her own home. How many women are we talking about? According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, approximately one in three women are victims of “severe physical violence from an intimate partner in their lifetime.”


Despite the pervasiveness of the problem, its magnitude isn’t well known to many of us. Perhaps we don’t recognize the signs when we encounter women who have been harmed, or we don’t read between the lines of what a victim is saying, or we can’t believe it when friends are involved. Worse still, too many of us fall back on a knee-jerk response when we hear about it: “Why doesn’t she just leave?”


Private Violence shatters the implicit brutality of the logic behind blaming the victim. This important documentary invites us to see through the eyes of two survivors of domestic violence and to bear witness to its complex realities. Don’t turn away.


Also, check out "Mommy, My Killer" - Available Now!




Daniel Day-Lewis: The Hollywood Genius – Coming February 15



Daniel Day-Lewis has never stopped pushing the envelope in his performances. A visceral and uncompromising actor, he has a sterling work ethic and has poured his blood, sweat, and tears into his craft for over four decades, having appeared on stage, screen, and television.


Day-Lewis is perhaps best known for his work in cinema. Few actors have received more accolades, especially considering how few roles he has taken on. Despite appearing in only 20 films, he has won three Academy Awards for Best Actor, three Screen Actors Guild Awards, three British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards, and two Golden Globes.


In this absorbing documentary, we learn that acting was a way for Day-Lewis to escape from a family legacy that had become too heavy to bear. In this family mythology, he has emerged as the last hero.


Also, check out "Becoming Cary Grant" - Available Now!





When Big Tech Targets Healthcare – Coming February 29


While healthcare systems vary widely from country to country, it’s safe to say that their dependability and sustainability are high priorities as far as most citizens are concerned. So, anything that might undermine those crucial societal systems tends to make us anxious.


Now, the Big Four tech companies – Google, Apple, Meta, and Amazon – are essentially replacing national structures by mining their users’ personal data for all sorts of purposes. By combining artificial intelligence (AI) and the companies’ seemingly boundless capacity for innovation, they have infiltrated themselves into an arguably failing healthcare system.


These mega-corporations apparently see healthcare as just another market to exploit – perhaps the ultimate market. Will nations be able to protect their citizens from the maneuvers of the Big Four? This insightful documentary seeks to answer the question.

Also, check out "Medicating Normal" - Available Now!





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