Coming in April: Living Forever, Changing Oceans, Desperate Migration, and MoreComing in April: Living Forever, Changing Oceans, Desperate Migration, and More

Coming in April: Living Forever, Changing Oceans, Desperate Migration, and More

April brings showers, flowers . . . and many hours of new MagellanTV documentary programming. In addition to the four docs and series highlighted below, we are releasing new content on the fentanyl crisis, true crimes in the U.K. and Australia, World War II in Europe, mega-resorts, and much more.  So check out the complete listings and get ready for some great streaming.



Artificial Immortality – Coming April 4

As artificial intelligence continues its insinuation into seemingly every corner of our daily lives, it is perhaps inevitable that it will expand its foothold in biotechnology as well – including how we think about our mortality. So, here’s a question:  If you were able to create an immortal version of yourself, would you?


Thinking about mortality and immortality used to be the province of philosophers, theologians, and poets, but now scientists and tech visionaries are getting into the act. They explore the age-old fascination with the essence of the human mind, and then take it another step by asking, “Can it be replicated?”


In Artificial Immortality, host and writer Ann Shin embarks on a journey to explore the latest findings and knowledgeable speculation around this provocative idea. Don’t miss the opportunity to expand the bounds of your own notions about what lies after life.


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Amazon Adventure – Coming April 11

Charles Darwin, T.H. Huxley, and Alfred Russel Wallace are, perhaps, the three names we associate most readily with British studies of biology in the 19th century. But let us introduce you to another pathbreaking scientist who made signal contributions during that period: Henry Walter Bates.


The son of a sock maker, Bates was raised and educated in Leicester. He became a friend of Wallace at the Leicester Collegiate School in the mid-1840s. The two young scientists shared a keen interest in entomology and the minutiae that differentiated species.


In 1848, Bates and Wallace set off on an expedition to study the biological wonders of the Amazon rainforest. Wallace returned in 1952, but Bates remained in the region for 11 years, identifying thousands of previously unknown species. To learn more about the perilous challenges Bates faced and the discoveries he made, come aboard for this fascinating Amazon Adventure.


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Changing Seas – Coming April 18

Life likely began in water, and it has thrived ever since in the seas of Planet Earth. In particular, the vast oceans of the world have provided everything needed for myriad species to evolve and adapt to changing conditions for millions of years.


The types of marine life may be numerous, but individual species’ numbers are often less so. A warming planet and the resulting climate change are creating new biological challenges.


Today, the crystal clear waters of East Asia are home to some of the globe’s rarest and most exotic creatures. Dive beneath the waves to discover this stunning underwater landscape and learn how these species have evolved to allow plants and fish to continue to thrive in their changing environment.


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Bad Hombres – Coming April 25

Few global issues stir more passionate opinions than the migration of masses of people across national borders. And perhaps nowhere are those passions more aroused than in the United States. To build the wall, or not to build the wall, that is the question.


But another question underlies the controversy: Why do people risk their lives trying to immigrate from Central America into the U.S.? The answers are complex, involving poverty, violence, political instability, and even climate change.


In this important documentary, Dutch filmmaker and journalist Stef Biemans travels between Guatemala and America to meet the people whom some call “bad hombres,” and to find out firsthand what is driving them north toward the Rio Grande. It is a sobering and enlightening journey.


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