Nazi Law: Legally Blind
Doolittle's Raiders: A Final Toast
Hitler's Secret Sex Life
The Vietnam War
Hitler: Germany's Fatal Attraction
100 Days to Victory
Behind the Wings
Uncle Jack: Manhattan Project and Beyond
Battle of Jutland: The Navy's Bloodiest Day
WWI: The Tunnels of Death
Ukraine: The Forgotten War
Medal of Honor: Exceptional Valor
VE Day in Colour
First to Fight: Pacific War Marines
Navy Heroes of Normandy
The Odd Destiny of Sergeant York
The Great Commanders
Beyond the Myth: the SS Unveiled
D-Day: Over Normandy
The Crater: A True Vietnam Story
Day of Days: American Stories of D-Day
Easy Company: Heroes of WWII
Tony Robinson's VE Day: Minute by Minute
Kokoda: The Spirit Lives
Operation Oblivion: Behind Pacific Lines
Eagles of Mercy
The Last Voices of World War One
America's Secret War
Dick Winters: Hang Tough
Burma: Forgotten Allies
A Promise to My Father
Condemned to Remember
For Love of Liberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots
Rommel: The Soldier, The Son, and Hitler
Ancient Warriors
Yalta's Last Secret
Civil War: The Untold Story
Nazi War Machines
Bomb Squads
Pearl Harbor: Inside the USS Arizona
The History of Tanks
The American St. Nick
Journey Home to the USS Arizona
War Machines
The Night of the Long Knives: Hitler's Rise to Power
Hitler's Children
Fighting the Blue
Lifeline: Pearl Harbor's Unknown Hero
Remember Pearl Harbor
The Unseen Holocaust
Jews in Vichy: From Exclusion to Deportation
The Battle of Monte Cassino: Hitler's Soft Underbelly
Kaiser's Pirates: The Wolf
Silent Saviors
Tobago 1677
Last Secrets of the Third Reich
Operation Torch
Financing Terror
D-Day at Pointe-du-Hoc
Operation Dragoon: The Other D-Day
That's All, Brother
SSBNs: Shadow Weapons
Battle of Britain
Blood Money: Inside the Nazi Economy
The First Great Escape
Inside Hitler's Killing Machine
1944: Le Havre Under the Allies' Bombs
Rouen to Hiroshima: Battle of the Skies
Galahad: The Height of the Falklands War
Special Ops: In the Heart of Combat
Daesh Financing System
Swimming in Auschwitz
Prisoner Number A26188: Henia Bryer
History's Verdict
June 22nd, 1940: The Sound of Surrender
Silent Sacrifice: Stories of Japanese American Incarceration
Hitler's People: A Portrait of the Third Reich
In Nelson's Footsteps
Hitler's England
The Irish Revolution in Colour: Ireland's Struggle for Independence
The Blitz: Britain On Fire
Cold War Hot Jets
Combat Machines
WWII in the Pacific
Superguns of WWII
Sinking A Destroyer
WWII Dambusters' Great Escape
Generals at War
Bomber Boys with Ewan McGregor
Battlefields of the World Wars
Vietnam: Secret Negotiations that Ended the War
The Bombing of Darwin
Explosion: The War of 1812
The First World War: The People's Story
1994: The Bloody Miracle
Shanghai 1937: Where World War II Began
Charles de Gaulle: The Heavy Check
My Life in Hitler's Germany
Aircraft Carrier of the Future
Kanji Ishiwara: The Man Who Triggered the War
Secrets of the Maginot Line
Titans of War: Evolution of the Battle Tank
Ewan and Colin McGregor: RAF Centenary
Witness to a Massacre: Nanjing 1937
Tracking Down Klaus Barbie
I Am War
Aircraft Carrier: Bastions of the Sea
The Devil Dogs: Hero Marines of WWI
Impossible Peace: The Time Between World Wars
Hitler's Propaganda Machine
Broken Arrows: The Lost Bombs of the Cold War
World War II: Battles Won and Lost
The Aces' War
WWI's First Frontline Cameraman
The Bomber: A Tale of Survival Behind Nazi Lines
When We Go To War
Einsatzgruppen: The Nazi Death Squads
The Price of Empire
The Invasion: the Outbreak of WW2
World War II: The Last Heroes
The Real Inglorious Bastards
Doomsday WWI: Descent into Global Madness
After the Holocaust
Hedgerow Hell: The Fury of Normandy - 1944
Angle of Attack: How Naval Aviation Changed the Face of War
Last Secrets of the Third Reich: Search for Hitler's Bomb
The Day When: Pivotal Decisions of WWII
Long March to Freedom
Last Secrets of the Third Reich: Nazi Gold Train
Secrets of the Nazi Treasure
Spell Your Name: Surviving the Darkest Days of Human History
Operation Foxley: Mission Liquidate Hitler
Thunder Run on Baghdad
Heroes of the Somme
Goering's Secret: The Story of Hitler's Marshall
Hitler's 9/11: The Secret War on America
WWII: China's Forgotten War
Memories of D-Day
Hitler is My Neighbor
Promises and Betrayals
WWI: The Long Shadow
Hitler's Games
Kansas to Kandahar
China's Special Forces
Heroes of the Forgotten War: The Battle of Kapyong
13 Hours that Saved Britain
Armistice: The End Game of WWI
World War II: 1941 and the Man of Steel
Dazzle: The Hidden History of Camouflage
Fight Like Soldiers, Die Like Children
Submarines: The Invisible Weapon
Rafale: Top Secret Plane
The Secret D-Day Disaster Revealed
Defusing Human Bombs
War Above the Trenches
Battle of Britain: Allies at War