Princess Diana: Unexpected Icon
Daniel Day-Lewis: The Hollywood Genius
Becoming Marilyn
Diana: Who Do You Think She Was?
The Wars of Coco Chanel
Julie Andrews Forever
JFK: The Making of a President
The Real Prince Philip
Mussolini: The First Fascist
An Honest Liar: James 'The Amazing' Randi
Jackie Chan: Building an Icon
Toni Morrison: Black Matters
Napoleon: Rise and Fall
Joan of Arc: God's Warrior
Hitler's Secret Sex Life
Uncle Jack: Manhattan Project and Beyond
RFK: America's Lost President
Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing
The Odd Destiny of Sergeant York
A Tale of Two Sisters
Gauguin: A Dangerous Life
Bob Ross: The Happy Painter
Bessie Coleman: The First Black Aviatrix
Frank Lloyd Wright: The Man Who Built America
Remembering Leonard Nimoy
Jacques Cousteau's Legacy
Ettore Majorana: A Quantum Enigma
The Man Who Defied Beijing
Ivan the Terrible
In Search of Mozart
Eva Braun: Hitler's Wife
Fidel Castro: An Unauthorized Biography
Seven Women: The Irish Suffragettes
Sting: A Free Man
The Legends of Santa
In Search of Santa Claus
Pavarotti: Birth of a Pop Star
The Wheelchair President
Rainman Twins
Julius Caesar with Mary Beard
Birth of the Tramp: Creative Genius of Charlie Chaplin
Nixon in the Den
The Real Casanova
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Farah Diba Pahlavi: The Last Empress
Risk Takers
Henry VII: The Winter King
Becoming Cary Grant
King Arthur: The Legend
The Real 1%
The Last Mermaids: Huntresses of the Sea
Man Hunt
My Daughter, Anne Frank
Elizabeth I: Killer Queen
Idea Wars: The Birth of Printing
Kim Jong Un: The Unauthorized Biography
Confucius: The Creator of the Golden Rule
Calamity Jane: Legend of the West
Fidel Castro: Life for the Revolution
Jack London: An American Adventure
Eva: A-7063
Pregnant Man: The Story of Thomas Beatie
Lise Meitner: The Mother of the Atom Bomb
Jack the Ripper: The Definitive Story
First Emperor: The Man Who Made China
Splendor and Misery of the Last Tsarinas
Scarlet Woman: The True Story of Mary Magdalene
Secret File of Marco Polo
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Revealed Jack the Ripper: Tabloid Killer
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Che Guevara: Beyond the Myth
The Great Commanders