Empire Builders: Icons of Conquest
Empire of Stone
Medina Azahara: The Lost Pearl of Al-Andalus
Colosseum: A Jewel in Rome's Crown
Archaeology of Judaism
Amazon Women Warriors
Civilizations' Legacy
Lost City of Gaul: Unearthing Bibracte
The Secret Mummies of Lisbon: Portugal's Cryptic Mysteries
Empire Builders: Mexico
Digging For Britain
Tutankhamun: The Untold Discovery
Relics of Egypt: Exploring the Largest Museum in the World
Empire Builders: Pacific
Ancient Egypt: Top 7 Pyramids
Colosseum: The Whole Story
Sapiens: The New Origins
Empire Builders: The Ancient Greeks
Bone Detectives
Mystery Of The Roman Skulls
Medieval Lives: Birth, Marriage, Death
Maya: Ancient Metropolis
Time Team: Specials
Out of Europe
Vampire Island
Oman: The Treasure of Mudhmar
Time Team
Shoreline Detectives
The Temple Mount
Mark of Empire: Asia's Ancient Civilizations
Ethiopia: The Mystery of Phallic Stones
Naked Terracotta Warriors
The Egtved Girl: Life of a Bronze Age Teenager
Paranormal Egypt
Kurdistan: The Untold Story of Mesopotamia
Decoding Saqqara: The Secret Hieroglyphs of the Pyramids
Eternal Egypt
Who Wrote the New Testament?
Pilate: The Man Who Killed Christ
I, Caesar: The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
Leptis Magna: Rome in Africa
King Tut: Forgotten Treasure
Ancient Angkor: City of Temples
Egypt: The Temples Saved from the Nile
Genius of the Ancient World
Nile: 5000 Years of History
Warrior's Way: The Original Superheroes
The Normans
Meet the Romans
King Arthur: The Legend
Julius Caesar with Mary Beard
Samurai Sword: The Making of a Legend
Mont Saint-Michel: Resistance Through the Ages
Hoax Or History: The Michigan Relics
Confucius: The Creator of the Golden Rule
Egypt's Lost Queens
Caligula: Paranoia and Brutality in Ancient Rome
Carthage's Lost Warriors
The Emperor's Lost Harbour
When the Egyptians Sailed on the Red Sea
Enigma of the Celtic Tomb
Ramesses II: The Great Journey
Halloween: Feast of the Dying Sun
Castle Builders
The Story of Egypt
Curse of the Axe: Rewriting American History
Rome: Empire Without Limit with Mary Beard
Empire Builders
The Hidden History of Egypt
The Hidden History of Rome
Monarchy with David Starkey
Khufu Pyramid Revealed
Alexandria: The Greatest City
Tomb of Genghis Khan
Quest for the Lost Pharaoh
First Emperor: The Man Who Made China
Angkor Rediscovered
Nero's Golden House
Mummies of the Taklamakan
Ottomans vs Christians: The Battle for Europe
The Bible: A History
Blood On The Altar: Dark Rituals of the Phoenicians
Notorious Women of the Bible
Secret File of Marco Polo
Vesuvius and the First Pompeii
Biblical Plagues
Scarlet Woman: The True Story of Mary Magdalene
The Koran: Journey to the Book's Origins
Ancient Inventions
Stonehenge Rediscovered
War on Witches
Vampire Skeletons
Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings
Myths & Monsters
Empire Builders: China