World Fair 1900: Paris Reborn
The City of Human Chess
Music of Ancient Greece
Discovering Lennon
Discovering Hamlet
Marlow Meets
Tudor Monastery Farm
The Bob Ross Experience
Fake or Fortune
TV's Black Renaissance: Reggie Yates in Hollywood
Discovering Dali
Stealing Van Gogh with Andrew Graham Dixon
Raiders of the Lost Art
Playing Frisbee in North Korea
The Designers
25 Weeks: A Wisconsin Pizza Harvest
Chambord: The Leonardo Da Vinci Mystery
Dollywood or Bust
Choccywoccydoodah: Master Chocolatiers
Stephen King: A Necessary Evil
Celebration Nation
Titian: Behind Closed Doors
Sense of Beauty
Big Wave Surfers
1967: Summer of Love
The Pool
Gauguin: A Dangerous Life
Bob Ross: The Happy Painter
Some Kind of Spark
Myths & Monsters
Agatha Christie Code
The Book Makers
Renoir and the Girl with a Blue Ribbon
The Queen's Quest: Saving the Church From Silence
Strictly Jewish
The Last Rites
The Devil We Know
Celtic Monsters
Making War Horse
Angola Music School
We Are Legend
Marketing The Messiah
Judgment Day: Images of Heaven and Hell
Easter In Art
Dance of the Severed Head
The Nude in Art with Tim Marlow
Sting: A Free Man
In Search of Santa Claus
Tudor Monastery Farm at Christmas
The Legends of Santa
Inside LEGO at Christmas
Ancient Greece: The Greatest Show on Earth
Birth of the Tramp: Creative Genius of Charlie Chaplin
Secret Life of Mona Lisa
Becoming Cary Grant
Rubens: An Extra Large Story
Brushstrokes: Every Picture Tells a Story
The Real 1%
The Last Mermaids: Huntresses of the Sea
Man Hunt
Sex Revolutions
Pavarotti: Birth of a Pop Star
The History of Fine Fashion
In Search of Haydn
The Beethoven Piano Concertos
Renaissance Unchained
Mighty Uke
In Search of Beethoven
Magic Camp: Hogwarts for the Real World
In Search of Chopin
Jack London: An American Adventure
Manet and the Birth of Impressionism
Idea Wars: The Birth of Printing
Concerto: A Beethoven Journey
Rococo: Baroque Reimagined
Holbein: Eye of the Tudors
China Circus
Exhibition on Screen
The Treasure Trader
Tarzan: The Story Behind the Legend
William Dobson: The Lost Genius of the Baroque
Pilate: The Man Who Killed Christ
Who Wrote the New Testament?
Britain's Outlaws: Highwaymen, Pirates, and Rogues
Hollywood Weapons