Empire Builders: Dutch Golden Age
Chambord: The Leonardo Da Vinci Mystery
More than Just Enemies
Napoleon: Rise and Fall
Time Team: Specials
Calculating Ada: The Countess of Computing
Game of Kings: The Stuarts, A Bloody Reign
Britain's Outlaws: Highwaymen, Pirates, and Rogues
A Tale of Two Sisters
Marco Polo Reloaded
Time Team
Passion for Scent
She-wolves: England's Early Queens
1900 Island
Tales of Irish Castles
Paris-Berlin: Shapes and Shades of History
Darwin's Secret: The Beagle's Child Kidnap Experiment
Da Vinci's Unfulfilled Dream
Gothic Fortress: Palais des Papes
Ivan the Terrible
Harem: Pleasure, Politics, and Power
The Norse: An Arctic Mystery
Eiffel Tower: The History of the Iron Lady
Genius of the Modern World
The Inquisition
Elizabeth I: War on Terror
The Private Lives of the Tudors
Royal Britain: An Aerial History of the Monarchy
Henry VII: The Winter King
After Braveheart
Farah Diba Pahlavi: The Last Empress
Lawless: The Real Bushrangers
Elizabeth I: Killer Queen
Lost Voyage of 499
Magnificent Three: Cities That Shaped History
Canada: The Story of Us
The Real Joan of Arc
Asia's Monarchies
The Great Fire: In Real Time
Empire of the Tsars: Romanov Russia with Lucy Worsley
The Pilgrims: Journey Into The Unknown
Ekaterina: Rise of Catherine the Great
Queens: The Virgin and the Martyr
Trafalgar: The Greatest Battle in Naval History
Broadside: Empires Collide
Calamity Jane: Legend of the West
Extraordinary Tale of William Buckley
Secrets in the Bones: The Hunt for the Black Death Killer
Spirit of the Pony Express
The Story of Australia
Hidden Killers of the English Home
The Tulip Bubble
Splendor and Misery of the Last Tsarinas
Death or Liberty
Pocahontas & John Smith: Love and Survival in the New World
The Real Casanova
Saving The Titanic
First Flight: Conquest of the Skies
Oil & Gas: Pioneers of the Caribbean
Europe's Famous Railway Stations
The Great Commanders
The Count of Monte Cristo: The True Story