The Year in Review: MagellanTV’s Top Documentaries of 2023The Year in Review: MagellanTV’s Top Documentaries of 2023

The Year in Review: MagellanTV’s Top Documentaries of 2023

2023: The Year of the Series


Hello there, MagellanTV Community! 


We’ve made it once again. Our annual voyage around the Sun is coming to a conclusion, and it’s time to reflect on all we’ve done. A lot has happened in our world and our lives, but still, we pushed forward. We found time to explore, time to learn, and time to grow. And the trip around our brilliantly bright local star wasn’t the only journey we made. Through the documentaries we’ve watched, we’ve traveled across space and time, learning each step of the way. 


And we sure did watch a lot. Just about half a million hours were streamed by the worldwide MagellanTV community this year across over 150 countries — everywhere from the Åland Islands to Zimbabwe. As is tradition, we’ve analyzed our data to identify the most streamed and liked documentaries that our members — including you — have watched in 2023.


So, what were the favorites? Well, one thing is crystal clear: this year was all about the docuseries. Members loved binge-watching and immersed themselves in stories across many installments. Every title that topped the list was a multi-episode documentary. Which ones have you seen? And which are you about to watch?


#1 Space & Science: Cosmic Journeys


Are you ready for some Cosmic Journeys? This member-favorite series takes viewers through the vastness of space in an ever-expanding collection of shorts, with new episodes added regularly. Our universe is more extensive than even Galileo could have imagined, and events of great power and impact occur constantly. Now’s your chance to watch — from exploding stars to a space-time rip. This series is so out of this world that it comes as no surprise that it placed at the top of the list of this year’s Space and Science documentaries.


Runner Up: Space: The New Frontier

Find out how technology and our ever-evolving understanding of the planet we live on drive our grand quest to explore space in this super-engaging documentary from producer — and MagellanTV contributing writer — Andrew Thomson.


#1 War & Military: History Uncovered

Ready for some new interpretations of the past? Our War & Military aficionados spent the past year revisiting critical moments in history to uncover the whole truth. This isn’t your usual War & Military documentary. Instead of simply reviewing well-known facts or recreating famous battles, this series takes viewers down an alternative route to the past. In four episodes, explore the revealing details of key moments of the 20th century to reassess modern judgments.


Runner Up: Civil War: The Untold Story

Civil War documentaries? We have plenty of them. But here’s a unique look into the causes and intricacies of the storied conflict.


#1 History: Civilizations’ Legacy

What is the mantra of the year's Top History pick? — “Understand the present by digging into the past.” We don’t know about you, but this is something that both our history-buffs and our future-obsessed team members in the office can agree on. Ready to join the conversation? This series offers a unique look into history by combining past and present research to unlock the whole story. Over eight episodes, you’ll travel to the present versions of the world’s most ancient cities to understand the past. Some of the links between past and present may even surprise you. 


Runner Up: Time Team

Join the legendary Tony Robinson and the “Time Team” as they dig, research, and unveil everything from Paleolithic remnants to recent oddities.

#1 True Crime: Murder Maps 4K

Ready to open some case files and solve their mysteries? Have we got the series for you! If you’ve seen our top true crime round-ups, this top pick will come as no surprise to you. It has it all — puzzling crimes in the London area, interviews with experts discussing forensic evidence, and a plethora of episodes. While some cases are high-profile, others you may only discover through this series. Either way, each episode takes true crime lovers on a worthwhile adventure, where they will explore historic misdeeds and trace the evolution of forensics along the way.


Runner Up: Forensics 4K

Focusing on real-life cases in New Zealand, forensic science combines clever investigation techniques to solve criminal mysteries.

#1 Nature: Wildest Africa 4K

What’s not to love about this year’s #1 Nature selection? With epic natural spectacles and staggering beauty galore, this member-favorite explores havens of biodiversity in stunning 4K. Every detail of the African landscape is captured, from the incredible details on the tiniest ant to jaw-dropping aerial tours of some of the largest waterfalls. It’s an adventure like no other. May we recommend streaming this one to your television? The bigger the screen, the better.


Runner Up: Shark Gordon


For Ian "Shark" Gordon, life doesn't get much better than encountering a magnificent shark. Take a dive with him … if you dare.


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